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Pac-Man is the maiden game of the widespread series, originated as an arcade game created by Namco. The gameplay of the game was a notable feature. Since its release, it has achieved widespread acclaim.


Pac-man play areas

The main play area

The game has 255 levels in total, and each level is just collecting a number of dots evading four ghosts, all while you try to finish the level. Each dot represents ten points. Power-ups titled "Orbs" protect Pac-Man from any ghosts. In fact, you can eat the ghosts, returning to their original spawning point and receive bonus points. Fruit also appears every once in a while, for bonus points. There are seven fruits in the game. Once all seven are eaten, objects still appear, but fruit is replaced by keys. Keys represent a high number of points. An extra life can be obtained at 10,000 points.

Level 256 bugEdit

Pac man splitscreen

The split-screen

Even though the game is supposed to be an indefinite-level game, a bug prevents this law. Because the game is 8-bit, the maximum number of levels running normally is 255. However, if you reach level 256, the CPU tries to draw 256 fruit instead of seven, thus, causing a malfunction making the entire east side of the screen corrupt. Because of the bug, there is not enough dots to finish the level, making the game unwinnable, learned by a contest in Late 2000.

Reception and legacyEdit

The game has received critical to universal acclaim. Many arcades have the arcade version of the game. Because of the success of it, the game has initiated a series, with many sequels and spin-offs.

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